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21.1. Nature of an agreement: At all times, each Centre remains in Our possession and control. YOU ACCEPT THAT AN AGREEMENT CREATES NO TENANCY INTEREST, LEASEHOLD ESTATE OR OTHER REAL PROPERTY INTEREST IN YOUR FAVOUR WITH RESPECT TO THE ACCOMMODATION. Occupation by You is the commercial equivalent of an agreement for accommodation in a hotel. We are giving You the right to share the use of the Centre with Us and other clients.

21.2. House Rules: The House Rules, which are incorporated into these terms and conditions, are primarily in place and enforced to ensure that all clients have a professional environment to work in.

21.3. Availability at the start of an agreement: If for any unfortunate reason We cannot provide the services or accommodation in the Centre stated in an agreement by the start date, We will have no liability to You for any loss or damage but You may either move to one of Our other Centres (subject to availability), delay the start of the agreement or cancel it.


Term                                             Notice Period

<3 Months-->                     No less than 1 month’s notice from the 1st day of any calendar month

=3 months-->                    No less than 2 months’ notice prior to the end of the term

>3 months-->                     No less than 3 months’ notice prior to the end of the term


21.5. We may elect not to renew an agreement. If so, We will inform You by email, through the App, Your online account or In-Writing, following the same notice periods specified above.

21.6. If the Centre is no longer available: In the event that We are permanently unable to provide the services and accommodation at the Centre stated in an agreement, We will offer You accommodation in one of Our other centres. In the unlikely event we unable to find an alternative accommodation that is acceptable to You, Your agreement will end and You will only have to pay monthly fees up to that date and for any additional services You have used.

21.7. Ending an agreement immediately: We may put an end to an agreement immediately by giving You notice if (a) You become insolvent or bankrupt; or (b) You breach one of your obligations which cannot be put right, or which We have given You notice to put right and which You have failed to put right within 14 days of that notice; or (c) Your conduct, or that of someone at the Centre with Your permission or invitation, is incompatible with ordinary office use and, (i) that conduct continues despite You having been given notice, or (ii) that conduct is material enough (in Our reasonable opinion) to warrant immediate termination; or (d) You are in breach of the “Compliance With Law” clause below. If We put an end to an agreement for any of the reasons referred to in this clause it does not put an end to any of Your financial obligations, including, without limitation, for the remainder of the period for which Your agreement would have lasted if We had not terminated it.

21.8  When an Office agreement ends: When an agreement ends You must vacate Your accommodation immediately, leaving it in the same state and condition as it was when You took it. Upon Your departure or if You choose to relocate to a different room within a Centre, We will charge a fixed office restoration service fee to cover normal cleaning and any costs incurred to return the accommodation to its original condition and state. This fee will differ by location. We reserve the right to charge additional reasonable fees for any repairs needed above and beyond normal wear and tear. If You leave any property in the Centre We may dispose it off at Your cost in any way we choose without owing You any responsibility for it or any proceeds of sale. If You continue to use the accommodation when an agreement has ended, You are responsible for any loss, claim or liability We may incur as a result of Your failure to vacate on time.

21.9. ACCESS CARDS: In the case you or your team members misplace any access cards that's been issued to you,   please let our Community Manager know immediately so the card can be deactivated immediately due to security reasons. A new card will be issued to you at a cost of Rs 500+GST which will be charged to your account.



22.1. Business Operations: You may not carry on a business that competes with Our business of providing serviced offices and flexible working. You may not use Our name (or that of Our affiliates) in any way in connection with Your business. You are only permitted to use the address of a Centre as Your registered office address if it is permitted by both law and if We have given You prior written consent (given the additional administration there is an additional fee chargeable for this service). You must only use the accommodation for office business purposes. If We decide that a request for any particular service is excessive, We reserve the right to charge an additional fee. In order to ensure that the Centre provides a great working environment for all, We kindly ask you to limit any excessive visits by members of the public.

22.2. Accommodation:

22.2.1. Alterations or Damage: You are liable for any damage caused by You or those in the Centre with Your permission, whether express or implied, including but not limited to all employees, contractors and/or agents.

22.2.2. IT Installations: We take great pride in Our IT infrastructure and its upkeep and therefore You must not install any cabling, IT or telecom connections without Our consent, which We may refuse in our absolute discretion. As a condition to Our consent, You must permit Us to oversee any installations (for example IT or electrical systems) and to verify that such installations do not interfere with the use of the accommodation by other clients or Us or any landlord of the building. Fees for installation and deinstallation will be at Your cost.

22.2.3. Use of the Accommodation: An agreement will list the accommodation We initially allocate for Your use. You will have a non-exclusive right to the rooms allocated to You. Occasionally to ensure the efficient running of the Centre, We may need to allocate different accommodation to You, but it will be of reasonably equivalent size and We will notify You with respect to such different accommodation in advance.

22.2.4. Access to the Accommodation: In order to maintain a high level of service, We may need to enter Your accommodation and may do so at any time, including without limitation, in an emergency, for cleaning and inspection or in order to resell the space if You have given notice to terminate. We will always endeavor to respect any of Your reasonable security procedures to protect the confidentiality of Your business.

22.3. Membership Usage: Usage is measured in whole days and unused days cannot be carried over to the following month. A membership is not intended to be a replacement for a full-time workspace and all workspaces must be cleared at the end of each day. You are solely responsible for Your belongings at the centre at all times. We are not responsible for any property that is left unattended. Should You use more than Your membership entitlement, We will charge You an additional usage fee.

22.4. Compliance with Law: You must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of Your business. You must not do anything that may interfere with the use of the Centre by Us or by others (including but not limited to political campaigning or immoral activity), cause any nuisance or annoyance, or cause loss or damage to Us (including damage to reputation) or to the owner of any interest in the building. If We have been advised by any government authority or other legislative body that it has reasonable suspicion that You are conducting criminal activities from the Centre, or You are or become subject to any government sanctions, then We shall be entitled to terminate any and all of Your agreements with immediate effect. You acknowledge that any breach by You of this clause shall constitute a material default, entitling Us to terminate Your agreement without further notice.

22.5. Ethical Trading: Both We and You shall comply at all times with all relevant anti-slavery, anti-bribery and anticorruption laws.

22.6. Data protection: You acknowledge that We may collect and process personal data from You and Your employees as strictly necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to enable Us effectively to provide services to You. You acknowledge and accept that such personal data may be transferred or made accessible to other entities in our group, wherever located, for the purposes of providing the services, in each case in accordance with all applicable data protection legislation.

22.7. Employees Policy: We will all have invested a great deal in training Our staff, therefore, neither of us may knowingly solicit or offer employment to the other’s staff employed in the Centre (or for 3 months after they have left their employment). 

22.8. Assignment: An agreement is personal to You and cannot be transferred to anyone else without prior consent from Us unless such transfer is required by law. However, We will not unreasonably withhold our consent to assignment to an affiliate provided that You execute our standard form of assignment. We may transfer any agreement and any and all amounts payable by You under an agreement to any other member of Our group.

22.9. Deliveries: If your company has any delivery of raw materials or heavy equipment, such deliveries can  happen only before 7:30am or after 7:00pm. Such deliveries will not be permitted at other  times unless prior approval has been granted by the management. 



 23.1. The extent of Our liability: To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, We are not liable to You in respect of any loss or damage You suffer in connection with an agreement, including without limitation any loss or damage arising as a result of our failure to provide a service as a result of mechanical breakdown, strike or other event outside of Our reasonable control otherwise unless We have acted deliberately or have been negligent. In no event shall We be liable for any loss or damage until You provide written notice and give Us a reasonable time to put it right. If We are liable for failing to provide You with any service under an agreement then, subject to the exclusions and limits set out immediately below, We will pay any actual and the reasonable additional expense You have incurred in obtaining the same or similar service from elsewhere.

23.2. Your Insurance: It is Your responsibility to arrange insurance for property which You bring in to the Centre, for any post You send or receive and for Your own liability to your employees and to third parties. We strongly recommend that You put such insurance in place.

23.3. IT Services and Obligations: Whilst We have security internet protocols in place and strive to provide seamless internet connectivity, WE DO NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION AND CANNOT GUARANTEE ANY MAINTAINED LEVEL OF CONNECTIVITY TO OUR NETWORK OR TO THE INTERNET, NOR THE LEVEL OF SECURITY OF IT INFORMATION AND DATA THAT YOU PLACE ON IT. You should adopt whatever security measures (such as encryption) You believe are appropriate to Your business. Your sole and exclusive remedy in relation to issues of reduced connectivity which are within Our reasonable control shall be for Us to rectify the issue within a reasonable time following notice from You to Us.


23.5. Damage to Property: You will be liable for any damage to property caused during any delivery of parcels,  courier or raw material delivery that is addressed to you or intended for your company.  Desker has the right to raise a claim for the damage caused to its property.

23.6. Injury: Desker or its members are not liable for any injury, hurt or death caused during any delivery  carried out for your business to any delivery personnel or any community member. Such responsibility is completed on you & your company and all claims would be taken care of by your company and Desker will have Zero Liability for the same.



24.1. Security Deposit: Your security deposit will be held by Us without generating interest as security for performance of all Your obligations under an agreement. All requests for the return must be made through Your online account, App, Written Notice or Official Email ID after which the Deposit or any balance will be returned within 30 days to You, once your agreement has ended and when You have settled Your account. We will deduct any outstanding fees and other costs due to Us before returning the balance to You. We may require You to pay an increased Deposit if the monthly office Rent increases upon renewal, outstanding fees exceed the Security Deposit held and/or You frequently fail to pay invoices when due.

24.2. Taxes and duty charges: You agree to pay promptly (i) all sales, use, excise, consumption and any other taxes and license fees which You are required to pay to any governmental authority (and, at Our request, You will provide to Us evidence of such payment) and (ii) any taxes paid by Us to any governmental authority that are attributable to Your accommodation, where applicable, including, without limitation, any gross receipts, rent and occupancy taxes, tangible personal property taxes, stamp tax/duty or other documentary taxes and fees.

24.3. Payment: All Payments are to be done either Electronically (Thru NEFT/RTGS/Bank Transfer), through Debit/Credit Card (If facility is Available at Centre) or through Cheque or Demand Draft on or before the date that is mentioned in the contract.

24.4. Late payment: If You do not pay Rent when due, an Interest to the tune of 24% p.a. will be charged on a per day basis till all balances overdue are cleared. If You dispute any part of an invoice You must pay the amount not in dispute by the due date or be subject to late fees. We also reserve the right to withhold services (including for the avoidance of doubt, denying You access to the Centre where applicable) while there are any outstanding fees and/or interest, or You are in breach of an agreement.

24.5. Insufficient Funds: Due to the additional administration We incur You will pay a fee for any returned or declined payments due to insufficient funds.

24.6. Standard services: Monthly fees, plus applicable taxes, and any recurring services requested by You are payable monthly in advance. Where a daily rate applies, the charge for any such service will be applicable on a pro-rata basis or number of days the service has been used.

24.7. Pay-as-you-use and Additional Variable Services: Fees for pay-as-you-use services, plus applicable taxes, are payable monthly in arrears at our standard rates which may change from time to time and are available on request.

24.8. Discounts, Promotions and Offers: If You benefited from a special discount, promotion or offer, We will discontinue that discount, promotion or offer without notice if You materially breach Your agreement.

24.9. Escalation of Rent: Rent will be Automatically Escalated by 10%-15% on a Yearly Basis, as is mutually decided in your contract. This escalation does not include rates & prices of all other ammenities and services that may change or vary without giving any notice for the same.



25.1. SUBLEASING: No Subleasing is allowed by you to any other Client. In case you are found doing so, without our consent, your contract will be considered null & void and your Security Deposit will be forfeited.

25.2. SMOKING: Smoking is allowed at the Centre But only in designated areas or outside of the Centre Premises.

25.3. ALCOHOL USAGE: Consumption of Alcohol within the premises are only allowed at events & parties organised or in association with Desker. Otherwise consumption of Alcohol  is Prohibited within the Premises and is punishable under the court of law. Also doing so,  your contract would be considered null & void with Immediate Effect and your security deposit forfeited.

25.4. ILLICIT ACTIVITIES: In case you or any one from your company are caught doing Narcotics or/and any other Illicit Activities in the Centre Premises, your contract would be considered null & void with immediate effect, your security deposit would be forfeited & a formal police enquiry would be started against you & your company.

25.5. SLEEPING/RESIDING: Residing in the Coworking Space Premises is Prohibited. You can work till whatever time that  you please, but residing in the premises is against the law and is not allowed as per policy due to security hazard. So, please, we request you to refrain from doing so.



26.1. You are not authorized to bring any pantry/service Personnel to Desker without our Consent. If you wish to do so then the particular personnel must be verified at the local police station and MUST wear a staff badge at all times. We do recommend that you provide them with a uniform, however that is at your discretion.

26.2. The Staff may not use any Hospitality related or other facilities (For Eg. Gaming Room, Gymnasium, Platinum Lounge etc) provided to our community members, however they may use all facilities provided to our own service personnel including the Cafetaria/Pantry Area.

26.3. Your Company is solely responsible for any loss of property, life, injury, felony by your Staff personnel. Desker and its management will in no way be liable for the same.

26.4. Said Staff Personnel will be checked by Our Security before they enter & Exit premises, to ensure no theft or wrongdoing is taking place at the premises. 

26.5. Said Staff personnel are not permitted to be dwelling or solicitating in common areas. They must be confined to the Office Space Allotted to you By Desker. 

26.6. If Said Staff Personnel do not adhere to our community guidelines, He/She will be asked to leave the premises effective immediately and will not be re admitted again for the duration of your agreement and/or renewal of the same.



27.1 Valet Paking is Chargeable & it may or may not be part of your Package. It includes the Cost of Parking plus the Valet service being provided to you.

27.2 Any Damage/Theft/Accident that may happen to your vehicle while it is under our care, is not the responsibility of Desker & we are not liable for it.

27.3 Valet Staff has the right to refuse to park your car (if it is not part of your official package), in case there is unavailability of space, lack of parking staff, Government guideline issues etc.

27.4. You are liable to pay for the Valet Service, in case it isn't already a part of your package. If you fail to do so, then this amount will be added to your companies monthly invoice under Additional Expenses incurred.



28.1. You are welcome to enjoy our complimentary artisinal coffees & teas available at any of the beverage kiosks, as much as you like. 

28.2. Any other beverage apart from these, for example, soft drinks, juices, cold brews, alcoholic beverages etc that may be available at the Café, Cafetaria or for room service are paid beverages and you'll need to settle the amount as and when consumed.

28.3. You may not under any circumstances take tea, coffee, coffee beans, milk, sugar and other consumables outside the Desker Premises. They are for consumption & for you to enjoy while you are at Desker. In case you are found doing so, it'll be considered theft & action will be taken against you for the same. 

28.4. We provide excellent quality cups, mugs & other crockery for your usage at our centre and we encourage you to use it & flaunt it. But in case you'd like to bring your own cups etc. you are responsible for it on your own including for their washing, cleaning etc. Personal Dirty belongings will not be allowed in our washing & housekeeping areas. 



29.1. Desker, as a service is happy to provide In office/room Dining facilities for Certain clients (Depending on your Package). The facility is provided in partnership with our Café partner and we're happy to deliver whatever you order. 

29.2. Any disease/illness/death caused by the consumption of the food provided is not the responsibility of Desker & we are not liable to any claim.

29.3. You are requested to please clear the invoice that is generated and furnished to you, either at the Café or by the Room service personnel. Please do so immediately. 

29.4. Our service staff will clear & clean all cutlery & crockery that has been provided to you in your room or being used by you in the Café. 

29.5. However, any damage or breakage to  the equipment is your responsibility & you are liable to pay for the damage caused.

29.6. Room Service & Café Menu's will be updated & revised periodically, with introduction of new products & items, so as to keep the menu fresh & exciting. The prices may increase on the menus without giving any prior notice for the same.

29.7. While our Café partner will ensure to serve the highest quality of food & ingredients at the Café & for room service, however we are not responsible for consistency & taste of the products. 

29.8. If you are prive to the Room service facility, the same can be Availed & enjoyed by your guests as well. 

29.9. We encourage you to indulge & enjoy the fresh and healthy food being served at our Café. However, if you wish to order food through various online delivery platforms (Swiggy, Zomato etc), you are welcome to do so.

29.10. While we will not permit the delivery personnel into our office space, they will have the right to wait for you at the gate where you can go & collect your food once it arrives. 

29.11. You may not eat food in the common areas, open seating areas etc. Food can only be consumed in the Cafetaria or Café or if you have a private cabin/office, you are welcome to eat there. 



30.1. Desker Co-working ensures the highest standard of cleanliness in its premises. We clean the common areas on a daily basis, & higher usage areas like washrooms, cafetaria, café etc are cleaned on an Hourly basis.

30.2. We operate on an As & when need basis. We also understand & respect your privacy. Therefore, we only clean your personal cabins & offices once a service sign has been placed on the door. Once that happens, we'll get your office cleaned after you shut your office for the day or before you arrive at Desker the following morning. 

30.3. Any allergic reaction caused due to the cleaning products & agents is not the responsibility of Desker. However, we will take appropriate steps to change the produsct in case of any allergies. 

30.4. We do a thorough screening process before employing our service staff as part of our team. However, if you feel any service staff is being rude/non-cooperative or is taking part in any illicit or illegal activity at the centre, we request you to please bring it to the notice of the Management immediately.  

30.5. You will be provided with basic sanitary products such as handwash, toilet paper, tissue papers, hand dryer etc. However, you may not carry all these products outside the premises & in doing so, appropriate action will be taken against you. 

30.6. We aim to please & provide you with the best possible customer experience. That said, we are always open to suggestion & we encourage you to continuously take part in our Customer Feedback Programmes. 

30.7. We respect the needs of our Female Members. If you at any time, require any specific female hygeine products (Sanitary Napkin etc), please do not hesitate to ask any on of our female staff & it will be provided to you immediately & free of cost. 

30.8. We also provide certain members at our centre with a refreshing cold towel experience during the day. However any rash or allergies caused due to the oils used in the cold towel is not the responsibility of Desker & we are not liable to any damages. 



31.1. Desker is a Pro-woman Coworking Centre and we encourage Women entrepreneurs to work out of our space. We take great pride in it & the safety of women working at our space is one of our biggest priorities. 

31.2. If any of the members (Male) are found eve-teasing,or any sort of lewd remarks or inappropriate behaviour is reported by any of the Women Members against a fellow male member, we will look into the matter extremely seriously and it could result in your ejection from the centre with immediate effect along with a formal police complaint being filed against you.

31.3. If any of Our Women Members feel threatened or unsafe at any time in our space, please inform the Community Manager or Higher Management immediately. Please be rest assured, all steps will be taken to rectify this without any time wastage. 

31.4. While we encourage carpooling & travelling in groups, especially when its dark or late at night, but in case you are moving out alone late, we request you to please call for a private cab(Uber, Ola etc.) instead of walking out alone and share your location with your near & dear ones. However, this is just a suggestion & this is completely on your own discretion.  



32.1. We at Desker have tried to provide our members a lot of additional benefits and services as they work out our centre. These include dine-out options, car bookings, hotel booking options, medical & wellness partnerships etc. This is just so you don't have to sweat the small or even bigger things.

32.2. We've done our best to make sure that all our partnerships benefit you in different ways and we will keep adding the array of additional benefits & services provided to make your experience even better. 

32.3. However, please understand, that all these services are provided by a third party and not being given personally by us. In case, there is a problem with any of the services, please inform our Community Manager, and we'll try to take care of it, but Desker or its management is not responsible or liable to any of these services being denied or not being up to the mark for any reason. These are just Value-Added services given to you by us. 



33.1. Desker is equipped with basic first aid kits for minor injury &/or ailment. However, in case of a serious medical emergency, please press the emergency button on your phone or contact our Community Manager, and we will try to get a Doctor in at the earliest and/or try take care of things the best way we deem suitable.

33.2. However, in case of any such emergency Desker is not liable for any hurt/damage/injury/death caused in its premises



We have spent many hours to curate the art work that you see in our space. The art has been skillfully curated for your visual pleasure and aesthetically please everyone's eye. Feel free to take Selfies and pictures of the art-work. However, any Damage caused to the artwork and exhibits by you or any of your team members will be your liability & you would be liable to pay for the damages.  



35.1. The Platinum Lounge is a Members Only Area and is reserved only for Platinum Category Members. All facilities provided in the Lounge are exclusive and for the Leisure & relaxation of this Membership Category.

35.2. Members using the Platinum Lounge can choose to use the facilities of the Lounge as best suits them. They can even choose to have a short meeting with their guest in this space. 

35.3. However, please note that Platinum Members cannot book this space exclusively and it can be used by other Platinum Category Members concurrently. We request all Members of this category to enjoy this facility but also be considerate to the needs of others. 

35.4. Desker Members who are not a Platinum Category Member are not allowed to use this facility. If Non-Platinum Category Members are found here, they will be asked to leave immediately and a warning would be given. Repeated offense of the same would result in a fine & also your Monthly Rental would automatically be increased to the Platinum Membership Package. 

35.5. Platinum Lounge Membership CANNOT be bought. To avail this facility, the Member will need to upgrade from Silver, Gold or Corporate Category Membership to a Platinum Membership. Please speak to the Community Manager for more details. 



36.1. The Gaming Zone is an area for all category members to chill & have a good time. We've provided you with umpteen games, TT table, Playstation, Television for watching Sports, news etc, Foosball Table etc. All these are for your entertainment & enjoyment. 

36.2. Since this is a Coworking Space, there are different companies operating from the same space. We'd request you to please be co-operative with each other because not everything may be available for everyone at the same time. Be patient, wait your turn and enjoy other modes of entertainment.

36.3. We would also request you not to horse around or break any of the equipment that is at your disposal. If there is any breakage or anything gets spoilt. You & your company would be liable to either replace the product or for the repairs. 

36.4. In case there is fighting of any kind in the Gaming Zone, you would be given a warning and repeated offenses could lead to you being banned from the Gaming Zone &/or even asked to leave Desker if the offense is too serious. Please understand, Desker is a place of business & relaxation, and there is no place for unruly behaviour in our premises. So please enjoy to your hearts content but always maintain decorum. 



37.1. To support our Members & help with their commute, we've partnered with Yulu to Provide First-Mile & Last-Mile Connectivity to you & your team members especially for connectivity with the Metro Station. 

37.2. This initiative is for you. It is a Green Initiative keeping in mind, the environment & pollution levels in our city. We encourage you to use this facility as much as you want for your movement and commute. 

37.3. However, as this facility is being provided by a Third Party, Desker is not liable or responsible for non-availability of bikes, the quality & status of the bikes, bike rental cost, working of the Yulu App, or any injury/hurt etc caused while using of these E-bikes. No claim can be made for any of these towards Desker. However, if there is any issue that you face regarding this service, please share with the Community Manager and we'll try to rectify your issue at the earliest.  

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