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If You're Happy, We're Happy

We at Desker understand the growing demand and supply for CoWorking spaces in India.  Owing to a  growing environment of startups and young entrepreneurial energy CoWorking seems to be the sensible and effective way to move forward. With no investment on infrastructure or overheads, the neo age companies and entrepreneurs can focus on their businesses. In other words let us help you by providing the CoWorking experience you need and deserve.

One might ask why Desker Coworking?


Well, unlike most companies providing coworking spaces out there we pride ourselves in providing the best customer experience for our members. Not just focusing on filling our seat quotas to maximize our profits but actually providing the essential CoWorking experience.


We at Desker CoWorking believe that when our members are happy our business is successful & prosperous. Be it small perks such as valet services to on call concierge, from butler services to an environment solely focused on your comfort. It is the small things that makes us different and definitely go a long way.


Our soul aim has always will be to provide our members with the comforts of home while providing the professionals feel of any modern and sophisticated office. The modern vibe and the fun working environment adds to the complete use experience here at Desker CoWorking.


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Just a bit of What I feel...

I have always strongly felt that one is more efficient and effective when we are in an environment that is both comfortable and professional. I formulated Desker with simple ideology that making a coworking space should be in the best interest of the young individual that come to work with us.


Inspired by my years as a student in the US I formulated the first Desker CoWorking space based on the lofts and warehouses in the chic area of New York City’s SOHO districts. Blending Indian hospitality and modern architecture I bring to you the first of many Coworking spaces in India that has grown on the foundation of hospitality and customer experience.


The idea that we are not the regular conventional CoWorking space has embedded into the foundation here at Desker. I sincerely hope that my vision for Desker matches up to your standards and expectations.  If you have any question , suggestion or complaints please do not hesitate to contact me personally. Rest assured we are here for your 24 x 7 NO SWEAT. Hope to see you around Desker. : )


Sannat Chandhok

PS: Thank You for choosing Desker CoWorking! Means alot


Meet The Team


Sannat Chandhok
Founder & CEO

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Ishaan Chandhok

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Mahima Chandhok
Design Head & Strategist


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Deepansh Malhotra
Head Of Business Operations

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Yogita Sharma
Community Manager 
Desker, New Delhi


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Kaamini Sharma
Senior Sales Executive

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