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In these troubled times that we face as Humanity, A Nation and A community, Desker Coworking has dedicated itself to uplift society to its former self. The management, staff and community at Desker have dedicated themselves to provide a safe, secure and healthy working environment.

Our constant devotion to you and our community’s wellbeing will be our core principle and foundation in the coming times. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about few of the steps we have taken and plan to take for your wellbeing. Sanitization tunnels, constant temperature checks, personal protection, constant sanitization of the centre are just a few of many steps we have taken. Moreover, we will be extending heavy discounts to anyone who signs up with us for the month of May & June. I sincerely urge you to contact us to know more about various steps and COVID-19 packages we have planned for you and our community.

During this difficult environment we must realise that many individuals will lose their jobs, a lot will be unable to meet their payables and a lot will loose much more. We at Desker want you to know that we are here for you thick and thin. Our constant efforts are to help our community in whatever way we can. We are Indian, we are local, we support local and We are proud. We assure you we are stronger than ever before and we neither will give up or loose this fight.

Remember we all have a choice of many attractive brands and options but it is our dedication and support to our local community and businesses that will actually be the biggest support to the nation and its people.


I sincerely thank all who have dedicated themselves to the fight against COVID-19. I salute you and your bravery.

 Thanking You

Yours Respectfully & Sincerely

Sannat Chandhok

Founder & CEO

Desker CoWorking

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