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Our nation has been plagued with the deadly second wave of COVID-19. This awful situation has claimed numerous lives devastating families, friends and loved ones.


While this is a difficult time for all, the effects of COVID-19 has taken a toll on us as a nation and we need to be stronger than ever before.We at Desker CoWorking have decided that it is time to comes as one nation to help our fellow citizens in need. We have joined hands with Give India and its COVID-19 support mission for India. Helping this mission is not only our duty but our moral responsibility as human beings.


All funds raised by Desker CoWorking will be used for

  • Helping supply medical oxygen to charitable institutions and NGOs.

  • Provide medical supplies including COVID-19 recovery medicines to people in need.

  • To provide food and clean water to underprivileged families effected by COVID-19

  • Providing any and all support to people who need us

We request you to spare whatever you can. No amount is too small in our fight against the menace of COVID-19.

We sincerely thank you and pray for you an your family's well being and safety. Stay strong. We will overcome this.

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